Suggestions Please

2020/01 29 00:01
Got A Suggestion

We want Friendly Chatting to be your one-stop-shop for a fun and friendly experience. The problem is that we are running out of ideas! As such, we are soliciting you for your suggestions on how we can make Friendly Chatting even better.

As you know, we have a Suggestions section over at the forum. It’s a great place to let us know what you feel can be done to improve Friendly Chatting.

Maybe you would like personalized signature images.

Oh wait, we have those already! You can get a custom Dynamic Signature image by simply visiting the Dynamic Signature page.

Possibly you would like sections to watch Music Videos, play Games, or share Recipes. Oh, wait, we have those already as well.

See. This is why we are soliciting for your ideas!

So come on over to the forum and share with us your Suggestions.