Stupid, Coronavirus!

2020/05 05 16:05

We were excited in the fact we were going to start a new trend of posting the Weeks Top Stories at the Friendly Chatting Forum.

Thanks to the pandemic known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus, it seems that’s about all there is being chatted about.

However, do not think our loyal and active members don’t have other topics being discussed amongst themselves. It’s just that COVID-19 is the big ticket topic these days.

Naiwen has been keeping up her regular selfies for all to enjoy.

Spice had to vent her spleen about Facebook.

Jane announced a bit of spring cleaning on the forums, just to make things a bit more tidy.

Finally, it seems everyone is taking a break from face masks and hand sanitizer and are playing in the Games Category of the forum.

So, take this as an invitation to visit the Friendly Chatting forum and get involved with something less stressful than how will you find that next roll of toilet paper!