We’re Back!

2022/02 04 09:02

Exciting news . . . we’re back! Yes, after a little break and then a brief stop off at Jcink Forum Hosting, Friendly Chatting has once again returned. With blazing fast hosting provided by Tierra Hosting, and a new forum software provided by Simple Machines Forum, we are certain you’ll be pleased to actively participate […]

The End has Arrived

2021/06 19 00:06
The End

It is with a sad heart that we must announce that Friendly Chatting has turned out the lights, shut the doors and called it “farewell to thee”. After a fun run, things out of our control have forced us to take a step back into real life and deal with things that need addressing. These […]

Well, it’s 2021

2021/01 08 02:01

As you know, it’s 2021. This is a new year with new possibilities. That being said, we hope that you, and your loved ones, are doing well with this continued COVID-19 mess. Friendly Chatting is entering this new year with renewed vigor and desire to be your internet home away from home. Our motto, which […]

New Staff Member: Pete!

2020/10 01 13:10

We would like to take this moment to officially congratulate Pete on joining the management team of Friendly Chatting. Pete has assummed the role as an Administrator, along with the rest of the team. Pete joined Friendly Chatting way back in November of 2019. Since that time he has been active participant showing dedication to […]

Forum Games!

2020/07 21 08:07

Things are really happening in the Games category at Friendly Chatting. Word Games Play with Numbers Smileys Games Word games seem to be rage these days and our actively participating members are raising the post counts exponentially! So don’t delay, come visit the Games category and get to posting!

Stupid, Coronavirus!

2020/05 05 16:05

We were excited in the fact we were going to start a new trend of posting the Weeks Top Stories at the Friendly Chatting Forum. Thanks to the pandemic known as COVID-19, or Coronavirus, it seems that’s about all there is being chatted about. However, do not think our loyal and active members don’t have […]

The weeks top stories at Friendly Chatting

2020/02 29 10:02

So,what has been happening lately at Friendly Chatting? Check out this hilarious post,from our poster of month, Aitch: The Biker and The Squirrel Plus pay a visit to see Kevin and his lions, hyenas and black leopards at the sanctuary: The Three Musketeers Worried about the Coronavirus? Discuss it in the Coronavirus Spreading topic We […]

Suggestions Please

2020/01 29 00:01
Got A Suggestion

We want Friendly Chatting to be your one-stop-shop for a fun and friendly experience. The problem is that we are running out of ideas! As such, we are soliciting you for your suggestions on how we can make Friendly Chatting even better. As you know, we have a Suggestions section over at the forum. It’s […]

Useful Web Tools

2020/01 24 15:01

Often when working on your website or simply playing on the internet, you need to modify some text, generate a new password, count how many characters a sentence have and many other routine tasks. In our attempt to help you, our friend, we have developed a Tools Page that’s packed with tons of useful items. […]

2020 Update

2020/01 08 13:01

It’s a new year which means new opportunities. The chance to develop Friendly Chatting to become your one-stop-shop online for fun, information and general friendliness with other members. As you may already know, at the end of last year, we release an informative news page. This packed page provides an almost ridiculous amount of World, […]