2020 Update

2020/01 08 13:01

It’s a new year which means new opportunities. The chance to develop Friendly Chatting to become your one-stop-shop online for fun, information and general friendliness with other members.

As you may already know, at the end of last year, we release an informative news page. This packed page provides an almost ridiculous amount of World, UK and USA news headlines. To stay informed, visit the News Page at https://friendlychatting.co.uk/forum/news.php

Just today, we are pleased to announce the release of our horoscope page. Easily learn what the day has in store for you and visit the Horoscope Page at https://friendlychatting.co.uk/forum/horoscope.php

I’m sure you are proud to be a member of Friendly Chatting, just like I am! We have been releasing great Advertisement Images to help you promote your membership and Friendly Chatting itself. Some of these advertisement images are dynamic and will automatically refresh the information displayed every time they are loaded in a viewers browser.

An example dynamic image that makes it easy to advertisement Friendly Chatting and to provide a member the ability to brag about a little:

To create your very own dynamic image, visit the Dynamic Signature Image Creator page at https://friendlychatting.co.uk/forum/user/create.php

That’s it for now. If you are a member, it’s time for you to Log In and have fun! If you are not a member yet, then you need to hurry up and Register an account so the fun can begin!

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