Being a Londoner

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RE: Being a Londoner

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Mum showed me photps of them in the underground during a bombing raid, it looked really claustrophobic being in there in some of the old stations, mum reckoned the underground is or was a fair bit bigger than in WW2 days, it must've been good getting out after several hoirs of being in there during a raid..

The rationing, mum said they were forever hungry on rations, my grandad had an alotment at the beginning of the war, sadly he died when my mum was 9 years old in 1941 and the alotment went to waste before someone else took it over and dabe my granny a few veges each week, mum reckoned they'd have almost starved without the veges from the alotment, it was sad the rationing lasted until 1955, as did the black market, those who had money could get extra food relatively easily  if they could pay the high prices.. I remember as a kid no food got wasted in our house,, any leftover veges on the plates got stored in the fridge and we had a bubble & squeek meal with eggs and either bacon or sausages, mum never really lost the habit of saving any leftovers, even sma;ll amounts meant not being hungry back during rhe rationing days.. My mum met up with the butcher who supplied meat to my gran after the war and got to chatting, he said he hated the rationing simply because he was sending so many folk away with so little, he felt for the mums trying to put enough on the table for the kids, it seems a weeks meat could've easily been eaten in 2 or 3 nights. having friends over for a meal was out unless they gave some ration coupons to help get the food for the meal..
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